Straight from the Source

I've practiced yoga in the past, but I feel like I never began learning the real practice of yoga until I started taking classes from Heather. She encourages alignment and safety in poses instead of pushing yourself to go deeper at the cost of proper technique. I would highly recommend Heather as a teacher for those who are brand new to yoga so they can learn proper form, as well as those who have been practicing yoga for years and wish to learn a better approach to their poses.

Jennifer Riggs

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what my yoga practice should be, but when I started taking classes from Heather, things opened up. She taught me different ways of looking at the yoga poses and how the mechanics of the body should be aligned to fit each individual. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable and confident in your ability to improve your practice. If you haven't taken her classes yet, you certainly need to make the time. Your yoga practice and life will truly be enriched.

Amanda Rush




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